Computer center

Personalized service recording paper surveys and / or exploitation of data.

Fast, secure, and at minimum cost.

For any urgent need for recording and / or tabulation, Tesi has specialized computing centers, with running times as interesting as their prices.

For example: recording, validation and tabulation of 1,000 questionnaires on paper, structured in 50 questions, takes less than a week, for a lower price at 600 Euros.

Tesi guarantees the security and confidentiality of data provided by its customers.

More information.

Professionals with over twenty years of experience in the use of surveys guarantee the absolute quality of the processes.
Whether it is a tabulation of complex multivariate statistical analysis.
Both small studies with small and large volumes of data (industrial surveys, promotions, etc.) samples. Both customers “non-computerized” and users of Gandia Barbwin or / and Gandia Integra. It is ideal for working tips solution.
The questionnaires, forms or data files are generally in the Computer Centre and the results are sent by email.

Research institutes rely on computer centers Tesi by:

  • their team of experts
  • his extensive experience since 1984.
  • using its own specific software: Gandia Barbwin in its Macro version.
  • Processes that take place in our Computer Center

  • Recording and validation of survey data on paper.
  • Tab.
  • Graphics.
  • Multivariate statistical analyzes.
  • Coding of open questions.
  • Balanced samples,
  • Indexing, Listings.
  • File processing.
  • Import and export to other formats.