Conventions universities

By signing Collaboration Agreements , universities and other training centers can:

  • Installed on their computer rooms many professional licenses of Gandia Barbwin as they wish.
  • Acquiring field programs on favorable terms to their inquiries.
  • Get special discounts at the computer center TESI for dissertations or other research studies.
  • Tesi entrust the organization and / or delivery of seminars and courses on the processing of data.
  • Get your students training versions to work with them outside the school.
  • Solve all sorts of queries by e-mail.
  • Schools rely on TESI and programs to facilitate students learning field work and data processing.

    Tesi collaboration congresses of marketing academics has been repeated every year since 1996, and is consistent with the special dedication of our firm to the education sector.

    An important and growing number of agreements with universities and centers of Spanish and American training guarantee the success of this dedication.

    Increasingly, teachers and students of marketing, sociology and statistics are facilitated their work with the use of our programs and services.