Eurovia is a DataCenter of Barcelona, Tesi partner with all the guarantees of security and confidentiality. Tesi gives its customers the opportunity to host the Gandia Integra into a virtual server located in the professional DataCenter.

Hiring includes:

  • Maintaining server hardware and software that make up our system virtualization.
  • Including basic monitoring (ping and check for e-mail notification).
  • It includes a basic firewall protection service
  • Basic service data backup (full and daily copy of the virtual server, snapshot with a maximum of 20 points, including the operating system)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Service (UPS 500 / 1,000 W generator).
  • Refrigerated room housing virtualization platforms
  • Remote server (root access)
  • Security Optimal climate. 24x7x365 monitoring.
  • System remote reboot of the virtual server.
  • Advanced Statistics of bandwidth consumption.
  • High capacity redundant connectivity Internet/Espanix/Catnix and unlimited bandwidth guarantees full scalability.
  • Fixed IP address: a public IP address.

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