User Education

Tesi taught customized courses to train its clients in the management of the programs, with the aim that our customers get the most out of the software.
The course duration depends on the acquired program and the needs of each user.
In statistical programs operating data (Gandia BarbWin- Visor- Gandia Gandia Gandia DataWin- Dataentry) Training is optional and the duration of the basic course is 5-10 hours.
Field programs (Gandia Integra CatiNet, Gandia and Gandia Integra Integra MobiNet CawiNet) A two-day course is performed to learn the design of questionnaires and specific system management.
Courses can be held in the user’s office with its own program running in Tesi offices in Valencia and can be delivered through remote connection
We recommend a maximum of 6 attending the courses to better use.

Training of teachers and students

As for universities or other educational establishments, Tesi has signed cooperation agreements with a clause that offers the possibility of formation of TESI, both aimed at students and teachers.
Tesi taught a variety of courses covering all phases of a survey: design of electronic questionnaires, sample control, data collection through various channels, exploitation and statistical data analysis, multivariate techniques …
Standard courses or customized courses according to the needs of both group training and individual training are taught.
Attendees receive limited professional versions or with expiration of the programs
These courses are taught by a faculty with over 10 years experience.