Gandia Barbwin


Gandia BarbWin

Barbwin Gandia is a whole computer center in your PC: the processor’s operating data made available to research institutes and marketing departments. The most practical recording in statistical tabulation and analysis of surveys and other quantitative data base for its performance and amazing ease of use.
For those research institutes and professionals who want to work in a more agile, you can quickly and easily use the macro version of Gandia Barbwin.

What I can do with Gandia Barbwin?

Creating the data file

  • Data entry grid, type calculation sheet for paper surveys.
  • Assisted data entry form (incorporates Gandia Dataentry) allowing all kinds of checks to verify the consistency of the data to be recorded, for paper surveys.
  • Importing ASCII, dBase, Paradox, Access, Excel, SPSS files
  • For surveys from Gandia Integra, the data file is opened directly from Gandia Barbwin.


  • Count coded marginal frequencies for descriptive and statistical variables to numeric variables
  • Cross frequency, statistical, mixed, multiple and multidimensional (in absolute values, vertical, horizontal and total percentages and X2 test significance test cells and T of Student) Tables
  • Tables bases of calculations, with weights variables, arithmetic expressions or / and constant
  • Immediate display graphics printer or file
  • Balanced sample, creating new variables, automatic coding and recoding
  • And merged files
  • Multivariate statistical analysis (data reduction techniques, regression, classification …)
  • All operating programs can be executed with selections of data to be processed through logic, arithmetic or mixed conditions
  • Creating and Editing Macros (text files containing a sequence of commands structured program) to work in a more agile, fast and convenient way to Macro Version


  • Importing ASCII files with automatic creation of tables of variables
  • Export results, tables and graphs, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTM
  • Gandia Barbwin incorporates Gandia Visor system for displaying tables
  • .gbw Direct access to files in the cloud created by Gandia Integra
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