Gandia Integra CawiNet

Software for complete survey administration via the web or email.
This is the module that allows to publish online surveys or e-mails with links to email surveys.
Complementing Gandia Integra CatiNet , you can convert a telephone survey (CATI) in self-administered (emailing customized link to the interview). You can even change within the same interview.

For studies:

  • For unique banner (URL only)
  • By banner identified with login and password
  • Using external panels (Cint)
  • Take advantage of working with Internet: no expensive equipment, obtaining from any computer and real-time results of their study, and enabling end users to access certain reports or download the file data from their study …


  • Gandia Quest is the designer of questionnaires program with all kinds of questions, filter questions jumps automatic control of consistencies …
  • Gandia Codi for automatic encoding, semiautomatic and manual answers to open questions.
  • Gandia Barbwin for statistical use of data (also allows data export to any other format: Excel, SPSS, IBMBIN, ASCII, etc.).
  • In two options, as required:

  • Purchase Option to operate autonomously. Buy unlimited licenses paying according to use (cost per activity).
  • Service option for a particular study without purchasing the program.
  • Order presentation / demo without obligation

    Download display (PDF) (PDF)