Gandia Integra MobiNet

Software for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with any OS (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry), which can also operate from PCs and Macs.


  • Work both online (connected to Internet) and offline.
  • Automatic adaptation of the questionnaire to the device display
  • Ability to integrate multimedia content to the questionnaires, recording and playback photos and / or videos during the interview.
  • GPS capture and display function location.
  • Ability to manage contacts and interviewers routes.
  • Includes:

  • Gandia Quest is the designer of questionnaires program with all kinds of questions, filter questions jumps automatic control, consistency, rotation of items …
  • Gandia Codi for automatic encoding, semiautomatic and manual answers to open questions.
  • Gandia Barbwin for statistical use of data (also allows data export to any other format: Excel, SPSS, ASCII, etc.).
  • In two options, as required:

  • Call option to operate autonomously. Buy unlimited licenses paying according to use (cost per activity).
  • Service option for a specific study without purchasing the program.
  • From where I get MobiNet?

  • To test from a smartphone or from a tablet, go to the store Google Play Store (look for the word MobiNet) and get your MobiNet application for free. The version you download already configured the server access and has studied example. Follow the usual instructions for all applications.
  • If you want to try on iPad or iPhone, go to the Apple Store and search MobiNet application.
  • If you want to test from PC, look in the Chrome Web Store (Google store extensions) extending MobiNet on PCs and follow the steps that tells Google.
  • Finally, if you do not have a Google account on your android device or an Apple account on your iOS device, you can install from our website using the procedure to install applications on your device.
  • The user to access the application’s is demo and demo password.