Gandia Qüest

Designer fully interactive electronic questionnaires, using objects and visual components, including photos or videos, audios, GPS coordinates, etc.

Filter questions, jumps, batteries, notices the interviewer, must answer rotations code and variables, inconsistencies …

And while the questionnaire is designed table variables for the subsequent operation of the interviews it is automatically created.


  • Same designer questionnaires to be used in Gandia Integra CawiNet program MobiNet or Gandia Gandia Integra Integra CatiNet
  • Possibility to create multilingual questionnaires.
  • It lets you create the questionnaire at the same time we created the variable table of Gandia Barbwin
  • Design on-line using simple and intuitive visual components
  • We can set default values, those most repeated in all questions, so that our work is minimized
  • It allows us to manage how they will introduce to record data
  • Possibility of jumps, controls, filters, rotation codes, and other specific controls.
  • From Gandia Quest we decided what the conditions are validated by quotas.
  • To simulate the interview to check it properly or to improve the design of the questionnaire.
  • These references will allow you to rely on external databases values or in answers given in the current interview data.
  • The creation wizard batteries will establish breaks, filters and controls for the internal consistency of the battery.
  • Optional use of HTML and CSS in the texts of question.
  • New management tools to streamline the flow of the questionnaire (inserting images, position, size, creation and assignment lists …).
  • Inserting multimedia elements (image, sound, video.)
  • Order presentation / demo without obligation