Rental software

TESI software for field surveys (Gandia Integra CatiNet / MobiNet / CawiNet) can be hired for specific studies , with the length and the desired technological sophistication.

If you have an immediate and specific need of collecting information (satisfaction surveys, consumer behavior, feasibility, creation and / or maintenance of databases, etc.) ask for a quote,
You only have to write your questionnaire / form, decide who and how you want to interview, and tell us what format you want the results.

TESI technician will manage the survey without you waste a single minute in training without having to invest in buying the program. At any time, via the Internet, you can access the monitoring information collection and can download the results.

Rental service aimed at users.

Tesi provides its customers with Gandia Integra, the possibility of renting stalls interviewer Gandia Integra programs CatiNet, CawiNet and MobiNet.

Renting is placed for a period of time to meet specific needs. The rental rates are monthly, but if you uninstall within 15 days 30% discount applies.

If the client decides to terminate the tenancy, buy some or all of the rental software, 75% of the amount paid in rent is deducted from the amount of the purchase.